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Аренда комнат для дня рождения, концерта, мероприятия

We are located on Kuznetsky Most 19s1
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Library There are smells of books and silence in this room. You can hide from everyone and be alone with yourself, or you can comfortably celebrate a birthday, hold a business meeting or an interview — no one will bother.
17 м²
до 15 человек
от 3500 ₽ / час
huge bookcases, soft chairs and a couple of small tables to make it more convenient to read and work productively
Large living room Life is always is swinging here. Lectures and film screenings, concerts and master-classes, parties and brunches. A piano was piled in the corner of honor and is waiting for its hour, and light is flooding the room through a large arched window and gently stroked the face of each guest.
Large living room
33 м²
до 35 человек
от 5500 ₽ / час
Здесь почти всегда звучит музыка, так как в комнате, помимо пианино, есть целая стереосистема. В Большой гостиной с завидной частотностью проводятся кинопоказы благодаря наличию проектора.
Small Living Room The museum-room, on whose walls the exposition constantly changes. Many holders of art-hungry eyes are passing through it, so it’s good to open exhibitions here. - an oak table is created in perfect to play your favorite board-games - a small coffee table is suitable for a company of two people - cozy armchairs at a small table by the window are created to contemplate the noisy Kuznetsky
Small Living Room
14 м²
до 14 человек
от 3500 ₽ / час
an oak table, a small coffee table, cozy armchairs
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