Peremena Kvartirnik: 8th of March

8 March 2020 - 20:00
Циферблат Most
Peremena is launching a new format of social gatherings together with Ziferblat space — Kvartirnik! Especially popular in the Soviet 60s and 80s, “Kvartirnik” is a house party that involves live music and a cozy atmosphere. Before it served as a way to conduct underground concerts and connect people. Now it serves as a reason to spend time with old and new friends without the unnecessary party pressure. Housed at charming Ziferblat, Peremena’s first Kvartirnik will witness DJ Don’t Judge's live mix of disco and post-punk, piano performance from our art director Sofia from Mars and other TBA appearances (feel free to volunteer!). All in honour of the International Women’s Day. Come relax your body and soul with us on the 8th of March, starting from 6 pm. You are invited! P.S. This event is non-ticketed, however, pricing will be as per Ziferblat’s policy — 8p per minute for the first hour, 5p per minute for the second hour and 4p per minute thereafter (snacks, hot drinks and board games are included). The is usually an alcohol-free space, yet this time wine, cider and other non-strong alcoholic drinks will be allowed for a small fee of £3 per person. Please, bring a sane amount of 1 bottle of wine or equivalent. There will be snacks, but feel free to bring some more!
Afternoon tea with Ivan
9 March 2020 - 20:00